The Roberts Family"The big plus is the variety of positions. Most carriers I've seen let you carry the baby in one position. But because the maximom has these detachable straps, you can carry the baby in just about any position you want."

Diane Evans, Mother of Logan and Jacob "Great carrier for any mom of twins or more, and a one of a kind find. Many different positions to chose from - both babies on front or back, one on front and one on back or one on each side."

Maximom Baby Carrier - For Singles, Twins and Triplets

Maximom Carrier holding twins
Tot Tender's Baby Products MaxiMom baby carrier is our number one product and a number one choice for busy moms and dads with singles, twins or triplets. The MaxiMom is a soft carrier that can be used in many different positions, of course, depending on how many babies you have!

The MaxiMom Single carrier can be used to carry baby facing towards your chest or away, allowing baby to view the world. Baby can also ride on your back, facing in or out. The carrier can also be worn as a sling, which is great for nursing Moms...you can carry baby and nurse at the same time! The MaxiMom Carrier can also easily strap to a grocery cart to keep baby secure while riding and to a normal dining chair, creating an instant high chair when you find yourself without one!

The MaxiMom Twin and Triplet carriers can do all of the above as well as allow you to carry two or three babies at a time. The MaxiMom Twin carrier allows you to carry two babies on your chest, facing in or facing the world, or one baby on your back and one on your chest. The MaxiMom carrier will allow you to have 'life after birth', as returning to daily life with two babies, or three, can be quite challanging. The twin and triplet carriers will allow you to keep babies close while at home or on-the-go without assistance! When you do have an extra set of hands, our unique buckling system allows you to detach the carriers from eachother, creating two or three separate carriers in one easy step. This allows Mom and Dad to each carry one baby at a time.

The MaxiMom carriers have shoulder straps that can be removed to place baby in the car seat or in a high chair...No fussing babies! The soft baby section of the carrier can be put on before you go out and stay on until you arrive back home. Baby can wear this main piece like an outfit. Padded in all the right places, the MaxiMom carriers will keep parents and babies comfy all day. The MaxiMom carriers even have a toystrap to hold pacifiers and a pocket that holds bottles. The leg holes are padded and include drawstrings, so they are adjustable as baby grows. The MaxiMom carriers carry newborns, approx. 7 lbs, to babies, approx. 30 lbs each.

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Tot Tethers

Tot Tether LogoTot Tender's Baby Products Tot Tether was specifically designed for busy parents of busy toddlers.

It is all too easy to lose your little one while out and about, as they are gaining independence and no longer want to be held or ride in a stroller.  The Tot Tether doubles as a child's backpack and a safety harness that allows parents to know where there toddlers are at all times, especially when out in large crowds.  With the Tot Tether, Toddlers get to wear their cute, cuddly friends as backpacks while Mom or Dad hold onto the 'tail'.  Toddlers get to experience the feeling of freedom as they explore the world without having to hold Mom or Dad's hands and Mom and Dad can feel safe knowing that their little one(s) are in eyesight and can't dart off.  Toddlers love the cute animal designs!  The Tot Tethers are great for single children as well as multiples!


Features: Backpack for snacks, toys, books etc.; adjusts for new walkers through preschool; washable; designed by parents of busy kids!

The Tot Tether can be ordered as monkeys, pandas, pink or grey elephants or dinosaurs!


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